Normal Sinus Rhythm

normal sinus rhythm

Sinus rhythms originate in the SA node. The SA node is located in the right atrium and is the heart's natural pacemaker. The normal rate of the SA node is between 60 and 100. On ECG, sinus rhythm is represented by monomorphic P waves before each QRS complex and is regular. These are typically upright in the inferior leads and downgoing in aVR. QRS complexes are generally narrow unless there is a conduction delay.


Heart Rate: 60-100/min

Rhythm: Normal Sinus Rhythm

P wave: upright - present

PRI: normal - (.12 - .20)

QRS Complex: Regular - (.04-.10) 

Check & Monitor the Patient:

  • Level of Consciousness (expected to be responsive)
  • Blood Pressure:  (Expected Systolic above 90mmHg.)
  • Saturation: expected above 92% 
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